Welcome to Pretty Sure We Can Do Better

An accountability membership to get you taking action and making positive shifts in your life.

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About Me, Angie Cazares (Accountabilibuddy For Hire)

I am on a mission to create a world where people stop playing small and start taking consistent action to create a life they want!

I want people to:

  • Wake up feeling less stressed
  • Believe your goals are achievable
  • Be proud of yourself for taking action 
  • Feel confident in your ability to make shit happen

Why Join This Membership

Trust me, when you are and have all the above, your energy shifts... the positive energy from you feeling this way will INFECT everyone else around you, resulting in more smiles, more connection, more giving, and more joy. 

I want you to take action here. You will make shifts you've been putting off or that you don't think are possible. We are the community that gets behind you and says... "HELL YES, you CAN do it!!" You can literally work on anything in this membership that is important to you. Fill in this blank "I'm pretty sure I can do better at ____________." Whatever you said, you can work on that here...AND MORE!

What if you don't have any major earth-shattering goals you want to pursue? Totally cool! I love when people make seemingly minor incremental shifts that are going to have a big impact on your day-to-day life

For example...What if you just want someone to help you decide when you are going to fix your leaky sink and then see their face in a week to ask if you did it and give you a huge virtual high-five when you say yes!? 

We are here for creating the life you want for yourself on alllllllll levels because I'm Pretty Sure We Can Do Better!!

You in?

What's Included?

30-minute 1:1 Coaching call with Angie: This is where I get to know you and dive into why you joined the membership. We will come up with a plan to get you taking action right away!

Weekly Small Group Accountability Check-Ins: You will be put in a small group on zoom and you will share how your week went, what could have gone better, and what you will commit to for the next week

Weekly Co-Working Sessions: 2-hour sessions for you to work on anything that is going to move the needle forward for you. (hint, you can even come read a book)

Group Monthly Visioning and Progress Review Sessions: A time for you to reflect on your last month and set new intentions and goals moving forward.

AccountabiliTEA Hours (Coaching with Angie): I will be available for you to come get coached on anything you need. If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, have no clue on next steps to take...I'm here for you!

Private Community (Similar to a Facebook Group): You can come here and ask questions, get feedback, share resources, and most definitely share your WINS!!

On-Going Resource Support: As a community, we will continue to share any helpful resources we come across. Book recommendations, tools, etc. This will all be labeled and searchable on this platform!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to attend all the meetings, coaching sessions, co-working sessions, etc?
No, absolutely not! I tried to design the membership to offer a lot of different types of support and accountability. But you can absolutely pick and choose which aspects are the most helpful to you and only participate in those aspects.

What is the schedule and availability of time-slots for accountability check-ins?
I am trying to be as inclusive as possible with varying schedules and time-zones we have in the membership. The one thing I want people to participate in weekly is a group accountability session. When you join, I have you fill out a questionnaire about your focus and also your availability. I'm making group check-ins work for everyone. I'm also offering office hours where you can come brainstorm and get coached with me, and those times may vary from week to week.

How many co-working sessions do you offer?
Right now I have one co-working session each week on Sundays. As we get in more members and I receive availability, I'll probably be adding in more. Times may also vary from week to week and month to month on those. As a refresher, these are 2-hour blocks where we come together and work on zoom to knock something out we have been putting off. It's amazing how fast the two hours can fly by when you are in the zone working!

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